Information pictures



Our motifs are printed on high-quality matt photo paper and are refined with a scratch and UV protective laminate.

The appropriate white passepartout is high quality processes and forms a very valent element with the motif and handmade frame.

The pictures are framed by hand and are available in black / white and color printing.

The following framings are possible depending on the product variant:

  • Frame wood black matt
  • Frame wood white matt
  • Frame wooden aluminum optics




Our Picture formats:

Frame size Exterior paper
External scale broad height
  B x H
Size XXL 100x55cm 95 50
Size XL 80x60cm 75 55
Size L 45x57cm 40 52
Size L 57x45cm 52 40
Size M 35x45cm 30 40
Size M 45x35cm 40 30
Size S  25x31cm 20 26
Size S 31x25cm 26 20
Square 55cm 55x55cm 50 50
Square 80cm 80x80cm 75 75
Maxi 120x90cm 115 75


* Light tolerances with the dimensions can occur due to production